Little Buddy Brewing is named after one of the best friends my partner and I ever had, our little dog called Ziggy, aka Little Buddy. He loved sitting outside in the sun while we enjoyed a beer.

Little Buddy Brewing is a pop-up bar that caters to your beer tastes and styles, so that you can enjoy an event with your best friends.

Ales, Pilsner, Lager, what’s your flavour?

Got an event?

We can do beer that is tailored (with sufficient notice) to suit your tastes. Beer to match food cuisines / food style, full or light bodied beer, dark or clear, high or low alcohol content, etc.

Things that are important to myself and the team are:

  • Use of local ingredients.
  • Preservative free product.
  • Quality, quality, quality.
  • Honest and true to their style beers.
  • Passionate, professional, trained in Responsible Service of Alcohol and very safety conscious customer service focused staff.
  • Serious about beer but having fun producing and sharing the brew.

Please don’t hesitate to call me for any enquiries.

Here’s Cheers!

Sarah Smart.